4 Things Every Husband Desires From His Wife.

4 Things Every Husband Desires From His Wife.

This post is Part One in a two-part series on desires in marriage. You can read Part Two, “4 things every wife desires from her husband” by clicking here. For ongoing encouragement, please connect with me on twitter and subscribe to our email list. My wif

My wife, Ashley, is my favorite person on earth. Seriously. In fact, I often feel badly for other men, because I know that I’ve already married the world’s coolest woman, so no matter who they marry, she couldn’t possibly be “the coolest!”

I believe every man should feel this way about his wife. Every husband desires to feel this way about his wife. I know that I feel this way about mine! I want to take just a minute to highlight a few of the countless reasons why I’m so thankful for my wife. I hope that her example can encourage and inspire improvements in your own marriage.

Ashley and me on our wedding day (5/19/01). She still looks the same but I look a lot older!

Every marriage is different, because every person is different, but I’m convinced that most husbands desire these attributes in their wives. Here are four of the trillion reasons why Ashley is Awesome: