8 Things Guys Will Say When They Really, Truly Love You

On the off chance that these words leave his mouth, he may very well be your perfect partner. Let be honest. When you're dating and becoming more acquainted with somebody, words can be exceptionally confounding and keep you speculating whether he's the on

There are many things a guy may tell you, but the 15 things listed below in this article are one the most blatantly obvious ways to find out that he really loves you. While guys are usually direct when it comes to having a conversation, the truth is that sometimes they can be shy when it comes to talking about some of the deeper emotions they are feeling. In fact, many guys would never admit to feeling deep emotions, which is why you need to learn to read between the lines.

"You arouse me."

While anyone can give you a compliment, saying "you arouse me" can be a very direct way of telling you that you mean a lot to him. Saying these three magic words means that this guy feels close to you, and is not ashamed of admitting the feelings he has.