Man Masturbates His Profoundly Disabled Son And Explains Why

Perhaps one of the most controversial posts on the internet lately has been that of a blog by Fayzal Mahamed. In it, he publicly announces his actions in physically masturbating his disabled son and why he feels it is the best thing he can do for his ther

The Dark Side of Each Zodiac Sign

As humans, we all have a light side and a dark side with each side playing a role in our personality and life. Both sides are what make us who we are.

Daughter Finds Mom Having An Affair Then Dad Calls

“Hello. Hi Honey. This is daddy. Is mommy near the phone?” “No daddy. She is upstairs in the bedroom with uncle Paul.” After a short pause, daddy says: “but honey, you don’t have an uncle Paul.”…

This Is What Your Belly Button Says About Your Health

We rarely look at our belly button and take care of it. It is rarely cleaned and taken care off, some of us do not even know what it means to the body. However, it has its own importance. The new research conducted by various scientist have revealed diffe

12 Nastiest Things Girls Secretly Do When They’re Together

Girls look stylish and beautiful on the outside, but when girls are together, some of them probably do some nastiest things that many would be surprised to know. Because the relationship between women is much different than the relationship between men. a
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