Doctors in Delivery Room Witness 23-Year-Old Mom’s Historic Birth

The head doctor of the neonatal unit said there were no complications during…

Alexandra Kinova, 23, and her partner Antonin Kroscen were excited to begin growing their family.

The pair already had one child together, and learned that they were expecting twins.

Both parents had a history of twins in their families, and were overjoyed to learn they would carry on the tradition.

A few months later, doctors gave them surprising news: they were actually expecting four babies.

But a month after that, they were shocked when an ultrasound discovered a fifth baby!

“When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry,” said Kinova, whose chances of conceiving them naturally were one in seven million.

Aleksandra kinova in the Czech Republic, the country's natural way, experiencing the thrill of being the first woman staying pregnant with quintuplets.

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Czech media gave wide coverage young mother, told us of his life living in the most exciting days. "Over the past months I thought doğuracağımı twin," said kinova, ultrasound fifth cry when they see the baby, he said.

Stated that the baby was having to carry a pregnancy in spite of quintuplets kinova comfortable, make cesarean delivery on Sunday.

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Kroscen barely made it to the birth on time after his train was delayed. “I was crying all the way since I feared I would not manage it,” he said.

The head doctor of the neonatal unit said there were no complications during the procedure.

The Kinova family welcomed four new baby boys named Deniel, Michael, Alex and Martin and a baby girl named Tereza.

The birth was also a historical day in Kinova’s home country, the Czech Republic, as their birth was the first recorded birth of quintuplets.

“In our country (birth) statistics have been recorded since 1949 and there’s no mention of quintuplets. In the Czech Republic quintuplets are born on average once every 480 years,” doctor Alena Mechurova said.

Mom and the babies were placed in intensive care in good condition, and the babies were given a 95% chance of growing up completely healthy.