These Girls Tried “B*tt Stuff” And Instantly Regretted It

These Girls Tried “B*tt Stuff” And Instantly Regretted It

Have you done butt stuff? It’s pretty safe to say that s3x is one of the leading aspects of life that can control people like no other. Everyone loves s3x and s3x makes the world

Have you done butt stuff? It’s pretty safe to say that s3x is one of the leading aspects of life that can control people like no other. Everyone loves s3x and s3x makes the world go around.

There are many types of ways to have s3x but today we’ll talk about just one. So get ready for these stories of girls that tried anal and instantly regretted it.

A 22-year-old girl shares her sad story about the time she tried taking it from behind: “I tried to clean my butt before I tried this new type of s3x, but when he took his d*&k out, it had poop on it. I screamed and ran out of the room. How embarrassing.” Now I know why they call it “dirty s3x!”

A 23-year-old girl had a TERRIBLE experience with rear s3x, as she tells us, “After my boyfriend asked me a ton of times, I finally agreed to try rear s3x. I was so nervous, and he kept telling me to relax my sphincter as he applied lube. After inserting one finger, he told me it wouldn’t hurt much more than that. Boy, was he wrong? I screamed when he put it in and I immediately JUMPED off. Literally, i jumped across the bed and over it.”

25-year-old Christina explains exactly what getting it from behind feels like, and why she hates it: “The sensation is so odd. It feels exactly like you’re taking a big poop, but over then it gets pushed back in and you poop again. Not sure why anyone finds that [email protected]”

Janine, who is 21, actually LOVED taking it in the back door: “After trying this type of s3x during my period, I and my boyfriend use that as our go to method every month. Maybe I have a big hole, but it slid right in, and I kept begging for him to go harder.” Damn, girl…

Ellie, a 27-year-old who tried taking it from behind, said this about her experience: “I never got past the tip. He would put it in, the tip would hurt and then when it cleared the ridge, I was too scared for him to go any further. He actually thought I’d blow him after that.”

Chloe, aged 24, talks about her experience with taking it backdoor while in the shower: “We tried doing it from behind in the shower first. I felt much less self-conscious, but that didn’t take away the pain. It was harder to keep the lube on and the positions were harder, too. I was bent over, holding onto the wall as he thrust in and out of me. I almost slipped a few times. Not recommended.

29-year-old Madelyn hated how she had no control when her boyfriend put it in. “We were having s3x missionary style when my boyfriend begged to put it in my butt. His d*&k was already wet from my juices, so he pushed it in. I am not sure this was the greatest position for my first time. I felt like I had no control and had to put my feet over his shoulders.”

Maxine, a 30-year-old veteran of taking it up the back door, had this to say about the lessons she’s learned: “The only way it worked for me was when I was in control. I got on all fours and had him kneel behind me with a hard-on. Then he placed the head at my butt entrance. I pushed back as far as I wanted and pulled out, each time going deeper and deeper. Finally, when we got it all the way in, he grabbed my hips and began pounding me.”

27-year-old Cara has to admit to the world that she absolutely ADORES taking it from behind: “I absolutely love taking it from behind. I sometimes think I like it better than vaginal s3x. It feels so naughty, it’s so tight, and he is always the hardest. I love when he slaps my butt the whole time, too.”

32-year-old Lexi says cowgirl position is the best for taking it in the rear: When I have back door s3x, I like to ride him like a cowgirl. This way I can go as deep as I feel comfortable, and give him a visual as well. Also, I can periodically check the shaft to see if there is any brown on it.